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Behind the scenes at Honor's e-commerce shoot for their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection from one of our nail stylists Gerry Holford using Coronation.

Thanks for the sneak peek Gerry!


Honor E-Commerce spring/summer 2013 collection. Nails: Gerry Holford for PritiNYC

Rosie Pope of one of our favorite BRAVO guilty pleasure TV shows Pregnant in Heels wrote a blog post about her amazing makeup artist Karina Montoya's beauty secrets and they include our Priti nail polish! Apparently Karina’s favorites are Magic Man Iris as the go-to burgundy, Wishbone Flower for blue, Chrysnathos for gold and Coronation as the perfect neutral for all skin tones.

Priti Fashion Week Highlights: NOMIA and Coronation!

Tata Harper, a skin care entrepreneur who started her own line by the same name, recently shared her secrets to a flawless beauty routine with The Wall Street Journal. Amongst the products she believes to be underrated (that would be cleansers) and her simple yet effective DIY trick (a facial sauna) we found Priti's ultimate classic shade (and Tata's favorite nail color): Coronation!

Now we definitely can’t help but trust her judgement so if you want to see what else her tips, tricks, and must-haves are for glowing, younger looking skin, click the image above to read the complete article and visit her online store here!

EcoSalon is predicting some different nail color trends for this Spring season! In a recent post the ‘Conscious Culture and Fashion’ website wrote about our new London 2012: Heavy Medal Kit (launching May 1st and inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games) and our classic Coronation!

So, will you trade in your bold and brights for statement metallics like our Chrysanthos, Old Man Cactus, Bills Bronze Orchid, and Pewter Veil? Will you leave them behind and tame your look with our signature sheer pink Coronation? Or will you stick to the more flashy, popping shades?

Priti Fashion Week Highlights: Lacoste and Coronation!