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Ladies, head to our website for two brand new Priti kits inspired by this year’s London Olympics!

Red, White, & Beautiful is for the ultimate patriot supporting countries who use one of the most popular flag color combos. It includes Red Head Cactus, White Ballet Dahlia, Schwarkopf, and a bottle of our 2-in-1 Top & Base Coat.

Heavy Medal is our muted metallic collection inspired by the hardware our favorite athletes will be competing for. It incorporates Chrysanthos, Old Man Cactus, Bills Bronze Orchid, and Pewter Veil.

So don’t wait until it’s too late to mix and match these fun hues and show your true Olympic colors!

EcoSalon is predicting some different nail color trends for this Spring season! In a recent post the ‘Conscious Culture and Fashion’ website wrote about our new London 2012: Heavy Medal Kit (launching May 1st and inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games) and our classic Coronation!

So, will you trade in your bold and brights for statement metallics like our Chrysanthos, Old Man Cactus, Bills Bronze Orchid, and Pewter Veil? Will you leave them behind and tame your look with our signature sheer pink Coronation? Or will you stick to the more flashy, popping shades?