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Getting your manis ready for Summer yet, ladies? Because Refinery29 named one of the new shades from our Turkish Sorbet collection, Red Maple, a must-have to ‘Deck Out Your Digits In Summer’s Hottest Hues’! Apparently Salmon Pink perfectly combines “the softness of light pink, blended with the boldness of a bright” making it a great summer twist to a classic girly fave.

Click here to see more of the blog’s sizzling summer nail shades including delicious sounding ones like Creamsicle!

Have you heard about Refinery29's super special Priti polish deal? Well, the fashionable website is offering our new Turkish Sorbet collection for just $29.99 (YES! A whole $20 OFF!)

The set includes full sized bottles of Lungwort (an icy mint green), Day Flower (a soft blue violet), Horned Poppy (a cool pearly yellow), and Red Maple (a hot coral).

And don’t forget to hurry and click here to order yours now because the offer ends Wednesday April 18th!

The lovely Megan McIntyre from Refinery29 put together an amazing slideshow dubbed '2012's Most Swoon-Worthy Nail Polish Trends' and one of Priti's new shades, Dusty Miller, made the cut! The polish is part of our Pre-Spring 2012 collection to be released on the 20th of this month alongside 3 other colors, and while you’re waiting until then click here to check out the complete list of nail lacquers you probably won’t be able to live without this year!

One of Priti NYC's Winter 2011 Collection: Skiing in St.Moritz polishes, Blue Sage, was featured in Refinery29’s Ginormous Guide To Winter Nail Polishes as a must-have ‘Bright’ for the season.

Check out our shade as well as the other colors and categories to get some nail-spiration for the holidays!

Zanna from Green House of Fashion posted her Fav Five Eco-Roundup and it includes our fabulous Priti In Pink Refinery 29 Kit! A definite must for the girly girl in all of us

(Click the image to get the deets about all the eco-roundup products!)