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American Salon has been doing Eco Briefs throughout April to honor it as Earth Month and though the official Earth Day (April 22nd) has come and gone the magazine featured our newest Turkish Sorbet collection in their ‘Eco Briefs: Friendly Products for Clients and the Earth’. So click the link above to see our newest Spring shades as well as the rest of the products that were included in the slideshow!

EcoSalon is predicting some different nail color trends for this Spring season! In a recent post the ‘Conscious Culture and Fashion’ website wrote about our new London 2012: Heavy Medal Kit (launching May 1st and inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games) and our classic Coronation!

So, will you trade in your bold and brights for statement metallics like our Chrysanthos, Old Man Cactus, Bills Bronze Orchid, and Pewter Veil? Will you leave them behind and tame your look with our signature sheer pink Coronation? Or will you stick to the more flashy, popping shades?

Have you heard about Refinery29's super special Priti polish deal? Well, the fashionable website is offering our new Turkish Sorbet collection for just $29.99 (YES! A whole $20 OFF!)

The set includes full sized bottles of Lungwort (an icy mint green), Day Flower (a soft blue violet), Horned Poppy (a cool pearly yellow), and Red Maple (a hot coral).

And don’t forget to hurry and click here to order yours now because the offer ends Wednesday April 18th!

Happy April, our first full month of Spring! Can you believe it’s already here? Because we certainly can’t. So here at Priti we decided to welcome this exciting new month and one of the best seasons of the year by launching another collection: Turkish Sorbet!

As you may have guessed these shades were inspired by Turkey (one of the birthplaces of sorbet) and you can see a close-up of the four new colors here. They’re available as of today (and we promise this is not a cruel April Fools joke)!

Absolutely loving Little Man's spotlight on the new Priti NYC polishes currently available at their store! They chose to pair the shades with images from Liz Cherkasova's style blog: Late Afternoon. The result? Gorgeous outfit inspirations for Spring and the perfect nail polish to fit each one! 

Featuring our Pre-Spring 2012: After the Snow collection’s Dusty Miller and Coffee Bush as well as Bachelor’s Buttons and Barbarossa. (And if you’re ever in Singapore don’t forget to stop by the actual store!) Nailing It For Spring

Have you seen's Beauty Counter blog post 'Nailing It For Spring'? Well you should read it because they said blues are one of this season’s must-have hues and “true teals [are] embodied best by Priti’s Partridge Breast”!

*We can now die happy*

We know you probably got really excited about us showing you Blanket Print Nails' post for Hardy Plumbago (we certainly were). But it’s not over, the blogger also tried out Partridge Breast Aloe from Sailing in Sardinia!

(To read the full review click here)


Color: Partridge Breast (Priti NYC)
Retail Price: $12.50 (USD)

This shade is from Priti NYC’s spring 2012 Sailing in Sardinia collection. It is a blue-tinged teal with bright green shimmer. It almost looks like a duochrome, but it’s really the green shimmer just doing its thing. Photos honestly don’t do this color justice! It is gorgeous, and completely reminds me of the sea.

Want to know what our new polishes look like before you buy them? Well Blanket Print Nails tried out our Sailing in SardiniaHardy Plumbago for you!

(To read the full review click here)


Color: Hardy Plumbago (Priti NYC)
Retail Price: $12.50 (USD)

This shade is from Priti NYC’s spring 2012 Sailing in Sardinia collection. The entire collection consists of four blue nail polishes, inspired by ”Sardinia, a Mediterranan island right off the coast of Italy, where the blue of the sky melts into the blue of the sea.” What a beautiful description!

We know March means St.Patrick’s Day and therefore green tends to be the lucky color to sport but here at Priti we got the nail polish blues… and we got it bad! Just take a look at our brand new Spring 2012 Collection: Sailing in Sardinia inspired by the Italian island lost in the mediterranean. These gorgeous blue hues are available right here, right now!

Michelle Cherry, one of our fabulous distributors from Belgium, came up with 4 color trends for the coming Spring season and we are going to share them with you as special Trendsday treats alongside a Priti NYC nail polishes that fits the trend!

This week the trend is Beige and we’re featuring one of my personal favorite shades: April Snow, a sexy muted gold.