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An amazing video about pointe shoes for ballerinas that was beautifully directed by The Apiary. Created by Lily Coates and Gavin Youngs in 2009 The Apiary “specialis[es] in films made about and in collaboration with musicians, theatre-makers, dancers and visual artists.” 

See more of their gorgeous commissioned work here.

(via theglitterguide)

Before moving on from our St.Patty’s Day green binge we thought we’d share one last shade that’s worthy of the Irish celebration: Peporomia Pixie. See the YouTube video showing off the glossy green color made by deedeesfinds and keep this nail polish in mind for next year!

So you weren’t able to make it to Stella McCartney’s black-tie bash where she showed off her new evening wear collection? And you’re frustrated because the photos don’t do it justice? Don’t worry we feel the same way. Lucky enough we found a video on the designer’s website where you can see the the fabulous, fun, (very untraditional) fashion show!

♥ Enjoy

Our last runway video from the MB Fashion Week YouTube Channel is Nomia! For this runway show we used our navy blue Schwarkopf on the top half of the models’ nails above a layer of our Top & Base Coat that left the bottom half shiny and clear. View it above now!

Above you can see the complete HAUS ALKIRE runway video for the designing couple’s Fall/Winter collection featuring our Blue Atlas Cedar polish!

From France to Brazil! Check out designer Carlos Miele's gorgeous Fall/Winter collection in the runway video above and swoon at the muted gold hands and toes of his models rocking Chrysanthos, one of our new shades that will be released this March.

For our next New York Fashion Week runway video we have one of our favorite Frenchies: Lacoste! See the video in which the models are sporting our Coronation shade, above.

We just found out that some of the New York Fall/Winter 2012 shows we did the nails for were filmed for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week YouTube Channel! Above you can see the full runway video for HONOR from The Studio at Lincoln Center.

(And don’t forget to try and catch a glimpse of the models’ Ginger Snap Orchid manis with a top coat of Bristol Fairy!)

Yesterday Priti NYC had the chance to work at the Obakki fashion show. Now, you may not know the brand very well yet, but you will. Why? Treana Peake, the founder and Creative Director, has managed to make the luxury line modern, stylish, and real. The absolutely beautiful video above is the inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2012 collection that was shown yesterday evening. The best part? The show was supporting the Obakki Foundation whose mission is to “provide people in developing countries the opportunity to use thoughts, ideas, art and fashion to gain empowerment and support.” (

Fashionable and full of heart? Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Gotta love this fun fashionable twist on the current craze!


I learned it best from Oscar himself: don’t take it all so seriously. watch: sh*t OscarPRGirl says.